IJNMT Vol. 1 No. 1 (2010)

1) Semantic XML Filtering Technique of Multiple XPath Queries Using NFA Representation
Yi Yi Hlain

2) Enhanced Features Ranking and Selection using Recursive Feature Elimination(RFE) and k-Nearest Neighbor Algorithms in Support Vector Machine for Intrusion Detection System
Kyaw Thet Khaing

3) Design of Multimedia Messaging Service for Mobile Telemedicine System
Andik Setyono, Md. Jahangir Alam and Raed Ali Al-Saqour

4) Improving Supply Chain Traceability Using RFID Technology
Said A. Elshayeb, Khalid Bin Hasnan and Chua Yik Yen

5) Image Interpolation framework using non-adaptive apporach and NL means
Ah Nge Htwe

IJNMT Vol. 1 No. 2 (2010)

1) A Spectrum Sharing Game with Varying Number of Players
Anh Tuan Tran, Chiew Tong Lau and A.B. Premkumar

2) A Generalized Playfair Chipher involving Intertwining, Interweaving and Iteration
V.U.K. Sastry, N. Ravi Shankar and S. Durga Bhavani

3) Adaptive Network Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) Handoff Algorithm
Chiew Foong Kwong, Teong Chee Chuah and Sze Wei Lee

4)Electromagnetic Radiation towards Adult Human Head from Handheld Mobile Phones
D.A.A. Mat, W.T. Kho, A. Joseph, K. Kipli, K. Lias, A.S.W. Marzuki and S. Sahrani

5) Establishment of IPv6 Network on Intranet Environment
Nazrulazhar Bahaman, Mohd Zaki M., Erman Hamid, Mohd Faizal Abdullah and Azman Mat Ariff

6) Cleaning Various Noise Patterns in Web Pages for Web Data Extraction
Thanda Htwe

7) Evaluation of the IEEE 802.11p-based TDMA MAC Method for Road Side-to-Vehicle Communications
Rashid A. Saeed, Amran Bin Hj Naemat, Azrin Bin Aris, Ir. Mat Khamis @ Mat Kamil Bin Awang